Think you’ve been scammed? You shouldn’t be seeing strange account numbers or fake links, so if you do, report it to the police and your own bank and let us know what’s happened. Check when you need to do this 👇!

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What can we help you with?

Tikkie’s efforts to combat fraud

We investigate as soon as we hear that someone might be misusing a Tikkie account and, if necessary, we take measures. ABN AMRO also does all it can to combat and prevent all types of cybercrime through ABN AMRO bank accounts. We also give our clients detailed information on measures they can and should take themselves to be able to do their online banking securely.

Go to to find out more about recognising fraud and secure banking. ABN AMRO investigates fraud reports right away and takes appropriate measures against the bank account and account holder in question.

Tikkie tips

  • Got an unexpected Tikkie?

    Does the payment request come unexpectedly? Or do you not know the sender? Then do not pay and always try to contact the sender first.

  • How can I tell whether a Tikkie is real?

    All Tikkies start with exactly the same text: There is also a 'lock' icon 🔒 in front of the link in the address bar. Doesn't the link start like this? Then it’s not a link from the Tikkie app.

  • Is it really Markplaats fraud?

    Are you sure you’re not going to get your money? We often receive notices of fraud from people who assume too quickly that they’re being scammed. Wait at least 1 or 2 days, then report the matter to the police, Markplaats, your own bank and us.

  • Business Tikkies have a green check mark ✅

    Do you receive a Tikkie from a company or government institution? Then check whether there is a green check mark behind the name. This means that Tikkie has checked this sender.